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Every homemaker wants the house to be free from any outside invaders such as rodents, but despite the fact, and the best efforts of cleaning and organizing the house properly still rodents explore there way in our every day to day lives. These enter our house one way or the other, find their source of living and reside in our homes, and to add the worst they even set up their nest and start producing more. To ensure the safety of our homes and smooth running of our household we need to follow few steps for pest control. Rodent Control
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One can also consult with a professional for Pest Control. There are various methods one can follow for a healthy and pest free life. The few most popular methods are listed and explained below, these are as follows:

– Trapping

– Poison Pallets

– Predators

– Repelling Devices


It is considered to be the oldest and the simplest of all the methods, which can be best, used to get rid of rats and mice that have invaded any home. In this method simple TRAPS are used to catch the rats and the mice Traps are easily available in two forms:

– The Wooden Trap: These are very easily available and inexpensive as compared to glue traps. In wooden traps one place some food en the moment rodent tries to catch up, the food trap is triggered and the mouse is trapped.

– Glue Trap: These are too easily available but expensive as compared with the wooden traps. It is like a piece of fly paper that the mice can get stuck on. But one has to be very careful not to use the glue traps on to the area where children or pets at home can come in contact with.

Poison Pellets (little balls or pills)

This is also a very effective and popular method, which is used in household since ages. In this kind small packets of poison pellets are used, these pallets are scattered to the areas where rats and mice are usually prone to, and frequently travel. The rodents assume these pallets as food – they consume and are killed. But with this method one faces the problem of decaying of dead rodents. Though this method proves effective but one can face serious problems in household where small children and pets reside, as sometimes it may be difficult to locate the dead and decayed rodent.


The method of keeping predators is some times useful, but it is impractical as to the homemaker cannot be aware of how many rodents have been killed and if killed or not. Though the cats and dogs may prove helpful but this is not much advisable and practical method used these days.

Repelling Devices

They are new advanced inventions of modern times. These are the electrical devices, which make sound at a minimum frequency only to the rodent ear to make them irritate and exasperate to leave the environment. But these devices do have their own limitations, as these tend to loose the density of sound after a certain distance.


As rightly said prevention is better than cure, every home maker should be very careful in not letting the rodent enter the home environment. Cleanliness is one of the most important factors which stops the entry of rodent to an environment.Few steps in our day to day life will save the home maker from these unwanted guests.

– Clean houses leads to more effective trapping and bailing.

– Rodent proof houses due to proper and good construction also leads to rodent proof environment.

– If any openings and cracks in houses are well taken care of one can stop at the possibility of rodent entry.

Air Conditioning UV Lights

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Air Conditioning UV Lights

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With the technology now available in terms of air purifiers and cleaners, you can be sure that the vast majority of particulate contaminants are being removed. They take out allergens like dust, pollen and pet dander, and some are also able to remove gaseous contaminants and neutralize odors.Air Conditioning Air Purifiers

When you’re trying to keep the indoor air in your area home safe and breathable for your family, getting most of the contaminants out simply isn’t good enough. You want to make sure that anything that could harm your family or make someone sick is eradicated. We can assess your situation and determine if ultraviolet germicidal lights might be your best indoor air cleaning option.

Most air filters and ionizers are not particularly effective at removing these types of contaminants, leaving them in circulation and free to move about your home through your ductwork. And of course, with these germs running rampant all over your house, the chances are that someone will get sick. This is far less likely if you’re using UV lights to purify your home’s air. More on this webpage

Investing in UV Lights

When you buy an indoor air purification system for your home, you want to make sure that the one you’re getting includes UV germicidal lights. Many do, and you’ll find that you still have a lot of options in terms of size and model. But you’ll also be getting the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all bacteria, viruses and mold spores will be quickly eliminated by these lights.

You don’t want to invest money in a top-of-the-line air cleaner or purifying system only to have the germs that escape filtration continue to make your family sick. You want the system you buy to get rid of any contaminants that could be harmful. And that’s where UV germicidal lights come in. Germs Can’t Escape UV Light

With UV germicidal lights added to your home air purification system, you’ll be cutting off the escape route for those germs. These lights are typically installed right after the filter mechanism, so the germs are the only particulates to come in contact with the lights. They have nowhere to hide and are quickly killed by the low–level UV radiation the lights emit.

Certainly, some bacteria and viruses get caught in mechanical filters and are removed by other air purification procedures. But even when they’re caught, these germs are still alive and can work their way free over time. There are also plenty of germs that don’t get caught, leaving them free to multiply and infest your home.The Best Ultraviolet Light Products, Best Service

Our area air quality experts can also help you pick out the system that’s right for your home, and our technicians have plenty of experience with installing this type of product. We take great pride in providing only high-quality goods and services, and you can be sure that the UV germicidal lights you get from us will get the job done right.

When you’re shopping for the best UV germicidal light system for your home, we are here to help. We’re always glad to answer any questions you may have, and we carry a wide range of air purification products, including UV germicidal lights, so you can be sure you’re getting a great selection to choose from.