More About Justin Bieber’s Purpose


Being a pop star for the contemporary age, Justin Bieber is an undoubted talent. He became a global pop megastar at a very young age. But to the dismay, his quick hits got him into a string of mishaps. But Justin Bieber took a sharp turn. He accomplished a huge success with his album Journals. It was a more mature album as he soon began to shed his kiddie pop image. After a breakup with high profile singer cum actress Selena Gomez, he went into a spell of musical silence. But after that silent spell, there was no looking back.

justin1Justin Bieber entered the music industry with his third studio album titled Purpose. He regained his lost public favor. His songs were a hit in terms of establishing a personal connect with the audience. His songs in the album featured an honest emotional interrogation. The song What Do You Mean is the Purpose’s divine centerpiece. The song Where Are You Now is a perfectly pitched vocal medley depicting vulnerability. This song from Purpose contributed to the success of his image restoration. The album thus proved to be a transparent apology for Justin Bieber. He laid his soul through the songs in the Purpose.

justin2The album Purpose demonstrated a request for pardon by the way of music. The lyrics filled with agony and despair just required a meager interpretation. Justin Bieber’s songs in the album Purpose is an exact reflection of his current situation. The songs Company and I’ll Show You depicts the emotional readiness under different circumstances. The song I’ll Show You is an open letter to his fans where he suggests to do the good part. The opening song Mark My Words portrays a soulful plea. All the songs from Purpose exhibit the best of Justin Bieber’s pop styles. He has indeed made the right confession with his album.

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