Relive The Magic Of The Rolling Stones


There are very few people who have not heard of the Rolling Stones at least once in their life. The Rolling Stones have come a long way from when they started in 1962. Over the years they have collected a lot of loyal fans along with various interesting memorabilia.

Recently they have discovered a way put all of their collected relics to good use by displaying them in the Exhibitionism .It is being held at the Saatchi Gallery, London, from 5 April to 4 September 2016.

Even though they have managed to recreate their life from the beginning of the band, it does not show much progression, rather just a collection of details and objects. Most of the items would mean more to a diehard fan, like for example a Vox bass amp which belonged to Bill Wyman. Even diary entries displayed have a sort of stuck in the groove feel.

Rather than narrate the human side of the members of the Rolling Stones, the Exhibitionism concentrates on them as a live band. The backstage has been recreated intending to thrill those who have never had a chance to go backstage of a concert. Some of the outfits worn by the band members have also been displayed; they seem to remind us how cringe worthy some of them got as the 70s wore on.

A recreation of a backstage area is fun, at least for those who have never been backstage, while a selection of outfits worn by the band is genuinely jaw-dropping, not least for how horrific some of them got as the 70s wore on.
An entry fee of £19 from Mondays to Thursdays and £21for Fridays to Saturdays will be charged at the entrance to the Exhibitionism. At the end of the day, fans will be thrilled to see clothes and other objects used by the iconic Rolling Stones.

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